Out For Sport Festival brings 500 visitors to Crystal Palace

More than 500 visitors took part in a host of sports and activities on Sunday 16th June as part of the inaugural 2024 Out For Sport Festival supported by Pride in London at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. This inaugural event marked a milestone for the LGBTQ+ community in London, setting a vibrant stage for sports inclusivity.

Hosted at the iconic sports venue, the festival aimed to break the barriers that often hinder LGBTQ+ individuals from engaging in sports. With a focus on welcoming everyone, regardless of their gender, identity, sexuality or athletic ability, the Festival provided a unique opportunity for community members to try a variety of activities.

The event featured approximately 15 LGBTQ+ inclusive sports clubs from across London, each offering free taster sessions in a range of disciplines. From the rush of rugby and boxing to the rhythm of line dancing and the finesse of tennis and jujitsu, the Festival catered to diverse interests. It wasn’t just about the physical activity – it was about creating a space where everyone felt comfortable to explore new sports and connect with like-minded individuals.

Out For Sport was thrilled with the turnout. “Sunday’s festival was a remarkable success. We saw over 500 visitors, each exploring new sports, forming friendships and experiencing the numerous benefits that come with physical activity,” Out For Sport Trustee, David Lionetti shared.

The Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, known for hosting national and international championships, provided an inspiring setting. Lionetti extended his gratitude to Better, the charitable social enterprise managing the centre, for their invaluable support in bringing this event to life and The Nurture Group for allowing Out For Sport to provide a welcoming environment at the registration station.

“This is just the beginning,” Lionetti added. “We hope this festival becomes a beloved London tradition. We’re already looking forward to an even bigger and better Out For Sport Festival in 2025.”

As the day wrapped up, it was clear that the Out For Sport Festival had not only provided a day of fun and fitness but had also laid the groundwork for a more inclusive and supportive sports culture in London.

Want to see all the action and excitement from the Out For Sport Festival? Check out the Festival webpage for photo highlights. Whether you were there or missed out, you’ll find plenty of inspiring moments and memories to enjoy.

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