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Be A Game Changer

At Out for Sport, we’re not just about playing games; we’re about the power of sport as a powerful tool for empowerment and belonging. Join us in making a difference – no contribution is too small. Every penny takes us one step closer to creating a world where everyone can participate in sport and recreation without fear of judgment.


Why Donate?

Your contribution makes a direct impact by providing resources for LGBTQ+ sports programmes, events and outreach initiatives. With your support, we can break down barriers and promote diversity and acceptance through the universal language of sport and recreation.

How to Donate

Click the PayPal link below to make a secure donation and be part of the movement towards a more inclusive sporting world.

How Your Donation Helps

  • Empower Sports Clubs: Fund training programmes and grants for LGBTQ+ clubs and their members, helping them reach their full potential.
  • Community Outreach: Support our initiatives to spread awareness, educate and create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ individuals across London and the South East.
  • Inclusive Events: Support inclusive sports events that celebrate diversity within the LGBTQ+ community.


Thank you for supporting Out for Sport. If you have any questions or would like to support in other ways, please contact our fundraising team via email.

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