Let's Bring the Gay Games to London


A message from the bid:

With London 2012ʼs big summer of sport beginning to fade into afterglow, itʼs time to look to the future. How could we match the thrill and excitement of having the Olympics in our home town? Three words – The Gay Games.

Open to all, the Gay Games is one of the largest sporting events in the world and London is bidding to host the 2018 Gay Games. Between now and the end of 2013, five potential host cities (with Amsterdam, Limerick, Orlando and Paris in the running alongside London) will bid to host the 2018 Gay Games.
A dedicated team of volunteers (drawn from Londonʼs LGBT sports clubs) have come together to lead the bid process for London. Londonʼs LGBT sports clubs have a long history of collaboration and community leadership, and this is providing a really strong foundation for the bid to bring the 2018 Gay Games to London.
There are two initial key areas of focus – building grassroots support and momentum for Londonʼs bid; and fundraising to cover the costs associated with the bid process (estimated to be about £13,000).
Londonʼs LGBT sports clubs have kickstarted the fundraising process by providing the initial funds required but more support is needed – whether that support is from individuals, businesses or community groups. We call this fundraising campaign 100Out.

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