Why the Gay Games?

“There is nothing special about sport for gays and lesbians, so why single them out with a Gay Games?”

As equality and the movement for universal rights continue their march we are reaching a point in society where some feel that groups such as gays do not need a separate games of their own, as to do so is to self discriminate or to segregate oneself from society at large, creating an exclusive event. The linked article deals with some of these points and some of the questions that are often raised not only in wider society but from within the gay community as well. As London bids to host the Gay Games in 2018 this question will almost certainly gain profile and Out for Sport wants to ensure, as London’s representative body within the Federation of Gay Games, that we play an active role in this debate.

Click to read the views of the Federation on this sometimes controversial question – http://gaygames.org/wp/mission-and-values/frequently-asked-questions/faqs-on-the-gay-games-and-lgbt-sport/

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