OFS Update on Miami Out Games 2017

Out For Sport London (OFS) was saddened to hear of the cancellation of the sports programmes, Opening Ceremony and Closing Ceremony of GLISA’s Outgames in Miami, in which London teams were planning to participate.

We are heartened by the proactive action taken by grassroots sports teams and organisations such as Nadadores Miami, International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics, International Gay and Lesbian Football Association and others to ensure that the Aquatics and Football events take place and that those athletes are given the opportunity to participate and achieve their personal best.

It is great to see the City of Miami Beach as well as local businesses and associations, stepping in to provide alternative sports and community events for participants already in Miami.  We are thankful that the community has helped organise alternative events for field hockey, basketball, country and western dancing and hopefully other sports.

Out For Sport is actively engaged with the Federation of Gay Games in preparation for Gay Games XI in Paris, from 4th to the 10th August 2018. We encourage teams to sign up for this event.

The plans for Paris are impressive and have the backing of the local city and council organisations, local businesses and the community.  The local LGBT grassroots sports community has a strong track record in organising the annual TIP tournament, which attracts over 4,000 athletes every year.

The international Federation of Gay Games, the governing body for the Gay Games, has a governance model that has been refined over the past 30 years.

We look forward to a great Gay Games XI in Paris, competing with over 10,000 athletes from all over the world in over 36 sports plus cultural events. Our representatives will work tirelessly to hold Paris to account.

We hope that all the athletes in Miami have a good time and manage to salvage some exciting sport.

Out For Sport Committee

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