Welcome to Out and Active – the place to check out great LGBT+ Sporting opportunities for the over 50’s.

The following specific activities will be available, please contact the clubs for details saying Out & Active when you get in touch. Please see our inspirational older athletes’ stories which can be found on our home page. For full details check the club websites details below.

Mixed Opportunities

Walking Hockey with London Royals, bespoke taster session Sunday 18th March.

Swimming with Out To Swim, monthly taster sessions, daytime swims. Click here for Older swimmer stories.

Tenpin bowling with London Lads ongoing activities also see their Facebook page

Table Tennis (aka Ping Pong) with London Lads ongoing activities and also their Facebook page

Pop Dance with Alpha Dance, ongoing activities check Facebook

Spin classes with Spinder, ongoing activities also check their Facebook 

Badminton with Goslings bespoke taster 1st March and 5th April and ongoing opportunities

Rowing with Otters Vets team ongoing courses and practice opportunities

Badminton with LYC event on Sunday 22nd April between 3-6pm, please check the website for details and also ongoing activities.

Walking Football with Gay Gooner’s and others at Arsenal Football Club

Dancing with Pink Jukebox ongoing activities

Women Only Opportunities

Walking Football with London Women’s Walking Football

Dancing Waltzing with Hilda – women only dance opportunities.

Check out our Facebook page  too

Email us with any questions

Also do check our sister project in Brighton

Bowling with Diverse City Bowlers, event on March 21st check the Website  for details and for other activities their Facebook page

To find our Out and Active Champions, click on their names.

Christopher from Out To Swim

Tammy from London Royals Hockey

Design for Out and Active by Laura Salisbury; Photographs by Alex Grace

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