Workout with Pride

About Workout with PRIDE

Workout with PRIDE is designed to be your weekly well-being timetable; open to our LGBTQIA+ community and allies.

Our weekly session will help you with mobility, technique and give you more confidence in the gym when you work out alone.

With this in mind, our weekly timetable has classes that cater to everybody, our motto will always be “Feeling strong comes in all shapes and sizes! And everybody should be celebrated!”

Each of our weekly workouts takes place in a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment and are suitable for all fitness levels, so no prior gym experience is needed.

Because everybody is different, we have a variety of classes: Cycle, Functional Strength, BootCamp, or Yoga with each session including warm-up, strengthening exercises and a strong focus on correct techniques and postures to avoid injury and most importantly, how to work out effectively and safely while having fun.