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The Muscle Marys have designed the perfect 45min bootcamp and 1 hour group PT sessions for LGBTQ+ people in London; sessions that will not only teach you the best technique and compound moves (muscle building), but also make you more confident in the gym when you work out alone. We are offering 3 different classes that cover the whole body, from legs and butt to chest and shoulders!

Sessions at The Muscle Marys all take place in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment and they include warm-up, strengthening exercises and a strong focus on correct techniques and postures to avoid injury and most importantly, how to work out effectively and safely.

There is an optional social after each session where you can chat and get to know your fellow Marys better. We also run regularly social events such as cinema visits, brunches / dinners, nights out and weekend trips away.

We are an all inclusive group and everyone (over 18) is welcome no matter how you identify, where on the scale you find yourself or what your fitness level or experience is like – as long as you are LGBTQ+ friendly.

Join the The Muscle Marys now to get your body sass on and feel totally fab about yourself whilst having fun and making new fab friends!

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