Patrick Nolen

Patrick, or Prof Nolen like he prefers to be called, joined Out To Swim in 2011.  He moved to London from Colchester where he worked. OTS was the perfect club for him to start a social life in London. It combines sport and meeting new people. And he found in OTS and ORCA some good friends and a good social life. He was enthusiastic and very competitive. He was looking for the next champagne tournament and trying to adjust his busy travelling schedule to be able to participate. He forged good friendship with many players across the old continent and beyond.

He was involved in the bidding for the Gay Games 2018. He brought in dynamism and his knowledge of fundraising and a big sense of fun! 

Patrick was an avid traveller; he was always looking for the next destination, adventure. He enjoyed a good meal with a big glass of wine. Some of us will tell you that he would always get you a drink and start asking a lot of questions, sometimes very intimate, about yourself. But it was his way to show that he cares about you. He was a very caring person with a big heart, you can count him at any time to cheer you up and to listen to you.

He would be remembered for his competitiveness, enthusiasm and his sense of humour.

He died suddenly in October 2020. He will be deeply missed.