Wutian Martial Arts Institute

At Wutian Martial Arts Institute, we welcome all communities from across the world. We passionately reject any form of discrimination, whether it is in relation to race, religion, sexual orientation or cultural background. We are one institution and ultimately, one community.

We pride ourselves for the vast diversity of students we teach. For those who feel more comfortable learning Martial Arts within their own society, we offer classes for the Oriental Community and the LGBT Community.These classes are designed for students to feel safe, as well as meeting, training and socialising with new friends.

Please note that these are by no means closed off groups. In fact, we welcome oriental individuals and LGBT individuals, as well as non-oriental and LGBT-friendly students.

Our expert Wing Chun, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing instructors offer intensive classes to accommodate all levels of fitness and skill from beginners to advance. Our teaching methods are designed to be practical, challenging and highly effective.

With classes offered across London, Wutian Martial Art Institute is an ideal place to train if you are committed to improving your overall fitness and self defence ability. We offer various courses to increase stamina, refine technique and boost personal confidence for you to become the ultimate martial artist.

We are conveniently located in three locations: Stratford, Russel Square and Covent Garden, which is within easy reach of nearby areas including Euston, Kings Cross, Angel, Shoreditch, Greenwich and Hackney.We teach how to use Martial Arts in a practical and effective way for any situation or physical confrontation that is thrown your way.

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