Ivan Bussens

3 June 1960 – 27 August 2007

Ivan set up Out For Sport in 1998 after Gay Games in Amsterdam. The aim was to bring together London’s LGBT sports clubs and promote participation in sport amongst the LGBT community. Ivan was the driving force behind OFS, his aim to establish a grass roots organisation that could act as an umbrella group for the sports teams and help them grow. His vision, energy, passion and flair created an organisation that is still doing all of these things.

Ivan was a swimmer. He competed with Out To Swim both in races and in Water Polo at many competitions. He persuaded the OTS committee to sponsor a women-only session to encourage more participation, and saw the establishment via a lottery grant of a water polo team in 2000. He also served on the board of the International Gay & Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA). and was active in connecting OTS to the world of international LGBT + swimming.

He was the key figure in raising the profile of LGBT sport in London, having co-founded OFS, he went on to also represent London at the Federation of Gay Games, and served at other international sporting associations such as The European Gay and Lesbian Sports Federation.

He represented London via the Federation of Gay Games. Before his illness he was forging links with the 2012 Olympics and the Mayor of London‘s office to ensure lesbian and gay inclusion.

Ivan was born at Batu Gaja, Malaysia, and educated at Culford School, Bury St Edmunds. Having moved to London, he became a fashion buyer, events planner and interior designer. The latter brought prominence with photographers and television companies, and the house he shared with his partner Peter Unsworth featured in magazines and in scenes from ITV’s Footballers’ Wives.

After fighting cancer during 2006, he suffered a relapse and died in hospital in summer 2007, aged 47. He is survived by Peter Unsworth and his parents. His funeral took place in Norfolk, where his parents Alan and Cyndie lived, and where he is buried.