Awards 2021 Judging Guidelines

Out For Sport 2021 Sport Awards – guidance for shortlisting judges 

Award Criteria


Club Spirit Award – celebrating role models in memory of Patrick Nolan

Criterion Score  Notes
The nominee is a member of an OFS club    
The nominee has demonstrated a positive attitude to sports participation     
The nominee has supported club members to enjoy their sporting experience    
The nominee is recognised by others in their club as a role model    

Lifetime Achievement – Ivan Bussens Award

Criterion Score Notes
The nominee is or has been a member of an OFS club    
Nominee has made a significant contribution to their clubs’ success, or to the wider success of the LGBT+ sporting community over a number of years    

Most Innovative Project – recognising creative & inclusive project work 

Criterion Score Notes
Project was led by an OFS club    
Project took place or ended over the past 12 months    
Inclusion was a central principle for the project    
Current or future members of the club will see benefit from this project    
The club is actively seeking ways to share best practice knowledge from their project with the wider LGBT+ community    

Club of the Year – acknowledging excellence & inclusivity

Criterion Score Notes
Club is a member of OFS    
Club can evidence success in their sport, or how they have supported their membership to achieve success    
Club can evidence they have invested time and resources in their membership, their volunteers and their supporters    
Club can demonstrate that their work is bringing benefit to members and to the wider LGBT+ sporting community    

Score guidelines

0 – the application does not meet the award criteria

1 – the application speaks to the award criteria, but does not provide any detail or evidence

2 – the application provides clear information about how the nominee meets the award criteria and cites evidence or examples to support their application

3 – the application provides a detailed explanation on how the nominee fits the criteria for the award. Where relevant, the judges can clearly discern how the nominee has achieved or contributed something unique within their sport, their club and the wider LGBT+ sporting community. 

Out For Sport Member clubs are all listed on the Sports Clubs page of the website. Pending Clubs are NOT included.