Awards and Full Descriptions


Club Spirit Award:
Celebrating Role Models

This Award recognises individuals who truly embody club spirit. This person should be recognised as a role model for their positive attitude towards participation in sport. It also recognises their efforts and behaviours in supporting fellow club members to achieve their best, as well as their welcoming attitude and active inclusion of new members. 

Outstanding Achievement:
Triumphing Against the Odds

These are the stories of overcoming unexpected obstacles, achieving lifelong goals or succeeding against all odds. Whether it is overcoming problems, gruelling endurance challenges, or dealing with injury or illness, we want to hear and celebrate these stories from the past year.

Unsung Hero Award:
Celebrating Those Working Tirelessly Behind the Scenes

The Unsung Hero Award shines a light onto the hard work that club volunteers and committee members do to keep their clubs running. Whether organising events, collecting fees, washing shirts or sending emails, these incredible people support club members to have the best sporting experience possible. This is work that is often overlooked or unseen by the general club membership.

Sportsperson of the Year:
Celebrating Individual
Sporting Achievements

This Award recognises individuals who have achieved significant success in their chosen sport within the previous 12 months. This award recognises both sporting success and personal achievement. 

Lifetime Achievement:
The Ivan Bussens Award

This Award is in memory of Ivan Bussens, who furthered the cause of LGBT+ sport by setting up Out For Sport and representing our community internationally. He had vision, was charming and inspirational and led with style.

This Award recognises individuals who have pushed boundaries and gone above and beyond to create environments in which LGBT+ sport can thrive. This award can recognise individuals who are no longer members of Out For Sport clubs if the club membership feels it is appropriate to recognise their contribution, as well as those members who may have sadly passed away.



Team of the Year:
Celebrating Team Sporting Achievement

This Award recognises teams who have achieved significant success in their chosen sport within the previous 12 months. It recognises both sporting success and achieving beyond expectations. 

Most Innovative Project:
Recognising Creative Project Work

This Award recognises special initiatives, projects or campaigns that clubs have invested in over the past 12 months to create an inclusive environment in which their current or future members can flourish. These stories will represent best practice and inspire other clubs to follow in their footsteps.

Most Inclusive Club:
Celebrating Inclusive Clubs

This Award recognises clubs that are able to demonstrate that they have truly embraced and embedded the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion within their day-to-day club business. As a result, their club is achieving success in recruiting and retaining a diverse and happy membership base. 

Emerging Club of the Year:
Celebrating New Growth

This Award recognises those clubs who are less than five years old and are still in the early stages of club development. This Award recognises that forming and growing new clubs requires a great deal of energy and commitment from club members and seeks to celebrate the hard work and achievements of those involved. 

Club of the Year:
Acknowledging Excellence

This Award gives special recognition to clubs who have been successful in supporting their members to achieve their best. To stand out in this category we want to hear how clubs are improving their performance as athletes, administrators and advocates and what benefit this is bringing to their membership, volunteers and supporters, as well as the wider community.