Powerlifting Championships in London – a survey

Gay Powerlifters Chris Morgan and Dominic Patmore are inviting all LGBT Powerlifters to London in 2017 and 2018 for International LGBT Powerlifting Championships.
The aim of these events is to bring together all LGBT Powerlifters wordlwide for friendly competition, congress sessions and social events, so we can shape the future of LGBT Powerlifting.
The propossal offers all different Powerlifting disciplines, including full Powerlifting, single lifts, Equipped, Unequipped lifters and also a team points competition. (The Ryder Cup of LGBT Powerlifting – an example USA v EUROPE v WORLD)
There are over 50 National and International Powerlifting Federations across the world, so we are proposing that these events be a Non Sanctioned (Closed) events, without an official sanction from ANY Powerlifting Federation. This will mean that all atheltes can lift together, including HIV Positive and Trans athletes who will also able to compete without fear of sanctions due to medications and HRT.

If you are interested in getting involved in this event then please contact Chris Morgan via chunky[@]chunkymuscle.com or complete the event online survey.

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